What is ReMIT?

The Research Management and Impact Tool (ReMIT) is an open access research management system for all studies conducted by Médecins Sans Frontières’ Operational Centres. ReMIT acts as a notebook for researchers and will enable the lifecycle of a study to be documented, from concept through to impact. Impact is the influence that your research study may have had on programmes, policy or patients. The database also enables non-MSF staff to explore our research portfolio.

ReMIT will improve the transparency and accountability of MSF research and will enable the research process to be managed more effectively. It will collect data on where MSF research has had an impact or been disseminated so we have can see where our research has added value.

How your email address and other data is used?

The email address used to create a login for the REMIT is used solely to send reminders about updating study records. Records added to the system may be used to monitor a study’s progress in the interest of identifying areas in need of resource. The data related to publication, dissemination and impact of your research study may be used to report on the ways in which MSFs’ research was implemented. Records are archived after 3 to 5 years from initiation. Your email address will remain in the system for as long as you are employed by MSF. Any questions you may have about the data shared on REMIT can be addressed by emailing oca.research@london.msf.org.

In the interest of transparency, the database enables non-MSF to see the title of research studies and chart the progress. They will not have access to internal MSF documents placed on the system. The public will be able to see the dissemination and impact data that is shared with the system as well as any journal articles shared in publications.

How do I add a publication, other dissemination or impact to my study?

If your research has been published in a peer-reviewed journal, you can add this information on the same page by selecting Publication and adding the article Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to the box provide. Ensure you click ‘add output’ after entering the information.

To add information about any dissemination activities or the impact of a study, you simply click on the title of the study and then click ‘record dissemination or impact for this study’. When you choose either dissemination for impact, you will see a menu.

For disseminations you will have the option to select from internal or external to MSF. For example, was the study shared in a working group or an MSF conference? External examples include scientific meeting or policy briefing. Have a look at the system to see the complete list. There is an other option if your dissemination does not fall under any of the categories

Once you have chosen a suitable category a text box will enable you to provide some details about the way in which the study was shared.

Be sure to press ADD OUTPUT when you are finished with the entry. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU CAN ONLY ADD ONE OUTPUT AT A TIME

If your study has had an impact on patients, policy, or programmes follow the same steps as outline above: select the relevant option and describe the impact. If the impact of your study does not fit into one of the proposed categories then select ‘other’. Please try to add as much detail as possible when describing impacts.


How do I invite someone else to record a dissemination or impact?

The Principal Investigator (PI) and indicated members of the research team will be prompted to update publications or add dissemination or impact. The focal person or topic holder will also be aware that a reminder has been send. You may also nominate other relevant individuals to do this too e.g. other members of the research team. To do this click ‘invite someone else to record an impact’ and enter their email address. They will then receive an email asking them to complete this information but they do not need to be a registered user of the system.

How can I add a clinical trial registration number or note to a study?

To add a note to your study, you should click on the study page, followed by the ‘note’ button. You can add a clinical trial registration number or notes about anything to do with your study e.g. if the research team changed. Try and add as much detail as possible and when you are ready to submit click ‘add note’

Can I edit information once submitted?

You cannot edit submissions but you can contact an administrator to do so on your behalf.

How can upload a document?

You should click on the study page, followed by the ‘document’ button. Documents can be anything related to the study e.g. data sharing agreements, study reports, presentations, but they must not include ANY patient identifiable information.

My study is now completed, how to I update its status?

A study is considered complete as soon as a report of the findings has been produced. To mark a study as complete, click on the study title followed by ‘this study has completed’.

What should I do if there has been a major change to a study e.g. it has been withdrawn?

If a major change has happened to your study e.g. it has been withdrawn, please let the system administrator know.

Why is it open access?

ReMIT is open access to improve the transparency and accountability of MSF research.

Any questions?

Please contact us at oca.research@london.msf.org